Welcome to the course and course materials

Welcome to our Mental Health Awareness course, which is an introduction to the topic of mental health and how it impacts the brain, the body and the workplace, and explores what we can all do to proactively minimise that impact, in order to enable those who work in the organisation to actively promote a culture of wellbeing for the benefit of all.

This workshop provides a solid foundation of knowledge, upon which all our other courses are based.

It is supported by our comprehensive Mental Health Awareness Manual (in PDF format), which details all content and highlights key points to remember and actions to take, enabling you to refresh your understanding and implement your new knowledge, skills and tools immediately.

Once the course has been purchased, you can access the manual by clicking on the ‘Materials’ tab at the top of the page when working through the course.


Note: When working through an activity, please feel free to pause the video until you have completed it.

Estimated time to complete the course – 2.5 to 3 hours

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