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Louise D, 9th Oct 2020

Very well delivered course, with the slides used as prompts rather than just being read to us. Lots of useful information, a good mixture of science and practical tips

Betal T, 14th Oct 2020

A very informative but also inspirational session. The Facilitator was very open and honest on her own personal struggles with Mental Health which was really helpful and made it more real. I feel more motivated to implement better everyday practices to enhance my mental health

Christine M, 14th Oct 2020

This was really educational and enlightening session. I particularly liked the section around the brain and the stress bucket. Gave me plenty of ideas to start working on my 3 P’s!

Carly P, 9th Oct 2020

Workshop was excellent, Thank you so much, Definitely taking alot of very useful information away. Really think the stress bucket is going to be very useful. Thank you again

Kate B, 6th Oct 2020

Really useful scientific knowledge of the brain and theories but most importantly gave clear and specific ideas that I can use personally but also within my work role giving suggestions to parents

Ann, 11th Sep 2020

I found it interesting and informative. It helped me rationalize how stress has been affecting me personally and how I can support myself and my own mental health. It has given me tools to use to support my mental health.